Sunday, August 28, 2016

Top 5 Reasons Why Traveling Abroad Will Change Your Life Completely

Top 5 Reasons Why Traveling Abroad Will Change Your Life Completely.
Hey everyone!

This July, I was given the opportunity to travel abroad. I traveled to France, Italy, Monaco and Spain over the course of two weeks. Getting to experience different cultures truly gave me a new perspective on the world around me. I realized how big this world is and how important it is to get out there and see  all this world has to offer. This trip inspired me so much that I decided to make a blog post about it. Here are my top 5 reasons why traveling abroad changed my life, personally.

#5: You realize how big the world really is.
Coming from a relatively small town, one of the things that blew my mind about this trip was the fact that I visited so many different places and only covered maybe two inches of land on a map. This made me realize how many places I have never been, and more so, how many places I WANT to travel to. After traveling to Europe, I crave adventure and travel, often. I love planning future trips and making dream boards of places all over earth I want to visit. This realization was particularly important because it only reinforced the idea that you aren't stuck in your hometown forever. You have the ability to travel the world and create your own future.

#4: You'll eat the best food you've ever had.
One of the other things that changed my life as a result of this trip is that now I think of food in a whole new light. In a lot of places in Europe, food is the exact thing that brings people and family together. The food (especially in Italy) is truly to die for and makes you never want to eat American fast food again. I loved eating foods that were representative of the countries I was in because it gave me even more insight to the culture.

#3: You experience jaw dropping architecture and beautiful buildings unlike anything else.
Not that there is anything wrong with the architecture in America, in fact, there are countless beautiful structures spanning all across the country. However, the architecture in Europe is unique and unlike anything in America. It is worth it to experience this beauty, as it is truly "jaw-dropping."

#2: The views are always AMAZING.
And I mean, AMAZING. When I hiked to the top of mountains, or looked into the sea, I felt inspired. It made me want to visit so many more places and experience these views in many other countries.

#1: You experience something that not many others have. Knowing this sort of "secret" is out there to explore, that is life changing in itself.
After traveling to Europe, I now felt like I had unlocked some kind of secret that not many other people knew about. I had seen parts of the world that not many others will ever get to experience and that was so special to me. Traveling abroad was probably the most life changing experience I have ever encountered.