Friday, March 25, 2016

Elegant Red Carpet Prom Dress?: Try David's Bridal!

Hey everyone!
As prom season approaches I have found it especially difficult to find a dress. I have looked all over for an elegant red carpet prom dress and have failed to find it, until now. It wasn't until I stumbled upon the Bridesmaid Dress section in David's Bridal that I found my dream dress. Going to the bridesmaid dress section of the store allowed me to choose exactly the dress I wanted, picking everything from color and sleeve style. Being a "plain jane", I find it extremely difficult to find dresses that aren't completely decked out in glitter or jewels. If you're anything like me, condor browsing the bridesmaid dress section of your favorite bridal boutique for great options! Here is the dress I personally went with and a few others I loved as well. Happy Prom Season!
With love,

The dress I chose: White by Vera Wang V Neck Halter Gown w/ Sash in "Valentina"- $179.95

Other elegant dresses that would be perfect for prom!
1.) White by Vera Wang One Shoulder Dress with Satin Sash in "Midnight"- $179.95 (available in 25 different colors!)

2.) Long Beaded U Neck Mesh Dress with Ruched Waist in "Lapis"- $149.95
3.) Sleeveless Tulle over Lace Dress in "Blush"- $169.95 (Gorgeous short dress option!)

Thursday, March 24, 2016

How To: Packing for a Weekend Trip

Hey everyone! As the summer months are fast approaching, I find myself planning for different trips and excursions. Traveling is my favorite thing to do and I think that I have now truly mastered the art of packing for a trip. Whether you are traveling for weeks, a month, or even just a few days, it is easy to pack more than what you need. I will be traveling on a couple of weekend trips throughout this next month, and I'd love to show you what my packing essentials are. Please leave me a comment below and let me know what your travel essentials are. As always, I hope you are having an AWESOME day! :)
With love,

The Bag:
I love traveling with a small, compact, hard piece of luggage. This particular bag is from Target and is the perfect size for a weekend trip. It offers me enough storage and compartments for all of my clothes and shoes. If you're looking for a more affordable higher end piece of luggage, try Marshalls or T.J. Maxx for great finds!
I also really love traveling with a bag I can carry around throughout the day. I like to choose something with enough storage for the things I will need throughout the day, but a bag that has a cross body and will be comfortable to carry. I absolutely love my Michael Kors Large Selma Houndstooth bag for a carry on, and a perfect purse for a day of sight seeing and shopping! (It also conveniently matches).
Sample Packing List: Weekend trip to Boston (Shopping, Museums, etc.)
2 Nights, 3 Days

1 Pair of Nicer Jeans
3 Tops in Neutral Colors
4 pairs of underwear
Neutral Colored Bra
Lightweight Sweater
Waterproof Coat (Something that can be folded up small)
Spring Coat
3 Pairs of socks
1 pair of good walking sneakers (Can't stress this enough)
1 pair of heels/ nicer shoes (I will be seeing the Boston Phil, so I will need a dressy outfit)
1 black dress
Optional Accessory: One statement necklace that works with all of your outfits

Some of the key items I will be bringing include:
Gap Resolution High Rise Skinny- $44.99
Loft Essential Trench in "Saddle Tan"-$148

Northface Women's Venture Jacket in "Black"-$99.00

If you want a more detailed in depth look at exactly the clothing items I pack for a weekend, comment below! Bon voyage!