Thursday, March 24, 2016

How To: Packing for a Weekend Trip

Hey everyone! As the summer months are fast approaching, I find myself planning for different trips and excursions. Traveling is my favorite thing to do and I think that I have now truly mastered the art of packing for a trip. Whether you are traveling for weeks, a month, or even just a few days, it is easy to pack more than what you need. I will be traveling on a couple of weekend trips throughout this next month, and I'd love to show you what my packing essentials are. Please leave me a comment below and let me know what your travel essentials are. As always, I hope you are having an AWESOME day! :)
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The Bag:
I love traveling with a small, compact, hard piece of luggage. This particular bag is from Target and is the perfect size for a weekend trip. It offers me enough storage and compartments for all of my clothes and shoes. If you're looking for a more affordable higher end piece of luggage, try Marshalls or T.J. Maxx for great finds!
I also really love traveling with a bag I can carry around throughout the day. I like to choose something with enough storage for the things I will need throughout the day, but a bag that has a cross body and will be comfortable to carry. I absolutely love my Michael Kors Large Selma Houndstooth bag for a carry on, and a perfect purse for a day of sight seeing and shopping! (It also conveniently matches).
Sample Packing List: Weekend trip to Boston (Shopping, Museums, etc.)
2 Nights, 3 Days

1 Pair of Nicer Jeans
3 Tops in Neutral Colors
4 pairs of underwear
Neutral Colored Bra
Lightweight Sweater
Waterproof Coat (Something that can be folded up small)
Spring Coat
3 Pairs of socks
1 pair of good walking sneakers (Can't stress this enough)
1 pair of heels/ nicer shoes (I will be seeing the Boston Phil, so I will need a dressy outfit)
1 black dress
Optional Accessory: One statement necklace that works with all of your outfits

Some of the key items I will be bringing include:
Gap Resolution High Rise Skinny- $44.99
Loft Essential Trench in "Saddle Tan"-$148

Northface Women's Venture Jacket in "Black"-$99.00

If you want a more detailed in depth look at exactly the clothing items I pack for a weekend, comment below! Bon voyage!

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